Now is a transformational time in aviation

characterized by rapid innovation and agile engineering,
with digital tools as key enablers of productivity
and software a key differentiator of modern aircraft platforms.

Wholly new categories of aircraft are emerging. New entrants to the industry are defining and racing to dominate them.

Existing players are innovating at an extraordinary rate, making new aircraft more technologically advanced, easier to fly, and safer than ever before.

Everyone is working to deliver novel solutions to old and new problems.

Digital transformation of aviation systems hinges on the availability of safe, reliable products on which future platforms can depend. We work tirelessly to ensure the robustness, reliability, and safety of all we produce to make that future possible.


Agile, digital-first approach

accelerates time-to-market and results

We’re here to “move the needle” by helping our clients get to market faster, with better products that transcend the status quo. We bring an agile, digital-first approach to support their engineering programs with model-based engineering, rapid prototyping, and continuous verification, validation, and integration from concept to production.

Integral quality process

prioritizes safety, transparency, and continuous improvement

We take quality seriously for our own reasons, and not least because at the end of the day, lives are at stake.  We’re committed to transparency and to being accountable for the quality of all we produce. Our quality management system supports full forward and backward traceability through the entire development and product lifecycle from a single system requirement to a serialized LRU.

That's the Horizon way.

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